There's nothing more satisfying than planning your own Wedding and seeing your hard work pay off and a vision become a reality. 

You need to make sure what you've organised is executed as planned, but you can't be a Bride or Groom, AND a Coordinator on your Wedding day! That's where we come in. 

Prior to your Wedding Day, we'll meet with you to go through YOUR vision and how you want the day to run. 


We'll attend your rehearsal and do a walk around the venue so you can download as much information as you can to take the stress off your shoulders.

Then, it's over to us so you can do the one thing you've been working towards - be the most calm and beautiful bride (or groom) imaginable ;) And enjoy what will be one of the most incredible days of your life!

Our services include:

We'll meet at the venue prior to your Wedding Day to walk through the venue and set up. We'll talk through your run sheet and finalise outstanding details.

We will provide feedback on your run sheet for the day to ensure enough time is allocated for each moment, at the same time keeping the day moving along so your guests are engaged and entertained

We will be the main point of contact for suppliers on the day to ensure set up is smooth and as scheduled

Ensure Ceremony and Reception is set up exactly as planned

Coordinate logistics of guests during arrivals and departures of both Ceremony and Reception

Ensure the run sheet is executed in a gentle manner ensuring celebrant, band, bridal party, MC, caterers, bartenders etc are ready to go


We can be the main point of contact on the day for your guests should there be any last minute weather changes

We'll be the invisible set of hands in the background creating a smooth and well run event for you and your guests to enjoy

We take on any niggling tasks which need to be done but cause stress or havoc for you to think about on your day (i.e., paying suppliers, setting up decorations or props which don't fall under a specific supplier, 

Prices start at $85/hr with a minimum 2hrs for venue & rehearsal run through, and 4hrs minimum on your Wedding Day. 



The best advice I was given was to have umbrellas on stand by because if you have them you won't need them! And if you do need them, you want them to look great in photos.

We have clear and white umbrellas available for hire.

2 x umbrellas - $30

4 x umbrellas - $50

6 x umbrellas - $70

8 x umbrellas - $85

10 x umbrellas - $100

*damaged or unreturned umbrellas incur additional costs


So much time and money are spent choosing the right flowers for your occasion it seems silly to enjoy them for one night only! 

Add the flower pack-up package onto our services and we'll take down your florals, collect your settings and drop them to you that night or the following day so you can enjoy them for days afterwards. 

Prices start at $175 depending on locations.


With extensive knowledge in planning and logistics, we're available for consult appointments at any stage you require. 

We can help you get started by recommending many great suppliers and prioritising the big items needing to be ticked off the list. 

We can also help you mid-way if you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed and need a hand moving forward. 

Consult Appointments start from $110/hr depending on location.

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